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Valeton MES-4 Dapper Acoustic Mini Effect Strip

Brand Valeton

Category Acoustic guitar effect pedals


The Valeton MES-4 Dapper Acoustic Mini Effect Strip provides all your essential acoustic guitar effects and preamps.

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Valeton MES-4 Dapper Acoustic Mini Effect Strip

Valeton MES-4 Dapper Acoustic Mini Effect Strip

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The Valeton MES-4 Dapper Acoustic Min is a high quality mini effect strip that is equipped with all the essentials for your acoustic gig. Being loaded with a tuner, compressor, preamp and reverb effects, the Dapper Acoustic can be a addition to your setup and polish up the dry sound of a DI acoustic guitar. 

Contains the following modes:

1.  COMP Module

Give your incoming signal some focus with the COMP module, which features the warm, punchy sound of a classic rack-mount compressor. Use the COMP knob to lay the squeeze down and the ATK knob to go from bouncy to tight compression.

2.  PREAMP Module

Perfect your core sound with the PREAMP module. Here you've got a powerful 3-band EQ for tone sculpting, a notch filter to eliminate unwanted feedback, and a volume control so you can stay heard.


Give your song some sweet depth with the REVERB module. This oneknob wonder recreates the ambience of a performance hall with natural decay.

Hold the REVERB module ON/OFF switch to enable the TUNER. When this module is activated, Dapper Acoustic Mini will be MUTED. There are 3 LEDs right next to N.FREQ knob indicating the pitch accuracy.

LED light in red: Pitch flat;  LED light in green: In tune


Plug your headphones into the PHONES jack for practicing with effects. This works great with silent guitars. The PHONES knob adjusts the output volume.

5. XLR Output Jack

Use the XLR OUT jack to feed a balanced signal to your audio interface (for recording) or to a mixer (when you go straight to the house).

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