T-Rex Replicator Analog Tape Echo (w/ 6 tapes)

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T-Rex Replicator Analog Tape Echo (w/ 6 tapes)

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T-Rex Replicator Analog Tape Echo with 6 tape decks. Perfect for your pedalboard. Absolutely nails the tape echo tone... because it's a genuine tape echo! Quality from Denmark! Comes with power supply with various plugs. Should fit on most wall sockets. Superb piece of gear.

The Replicator is T-Rex Engineering´s take on the ultimate tape echo unit, complete with a motor, magenetic heads and a tape cartridge. The goal was to make a tape echo unit that could nail the sound quality of the old echo units, but surpass them in features. Size, ease of use and super-fast tape replacing were obvious areas of improvement, but we also put in tap tempo, two playback heads for three output modes and a chorus mode that modulates the pitch of the echos.
Two expression pedal inputs allow the player to control delay time and feedback in real time for instant synth-noise at your feet.
The tape cartridge (comes with 6 of them in this listing, worth over 200 euro) can be replaced in seconds and the high headroom of the circuit will allow you to use this pedal for processing line signals as well (keyboards, P.A. aux sends, preamps, etc.).
The difference between a super precise, accurate digital echo and the Replicator is that there is a certain amount of unpredictability in the sound of tape. It has its own life, almost. And that personality translates into a very natural sounding echo that we think feels more like an instrument than a sound effect.

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