1. General

1. These general conditions apply to all transactions between GuitarFX and client and all products, offers, quotations and invoices and agreements from GuitarFX.
2. Exceptions to these general conditions can only be agreed in writing with GuitarFX and relate only to the relevant agreement.

2. Orders and agreements

1. The customer is fully responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the order. GuitarFX reserves the right to assume that information provided by the customer is correct.
2. GuitarFX reserves the right to refuse or perform execution of orders.
3. If acceptance of an order appears for any reason whatsoever not to be possible, GuitarFX will search for a solution in consultation with the customer. 
4. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all products are shipped without accessories, cables, power supplies, adaptors, documentation, boxes, or named differently.
5. GuitarFX can not guarantee the safety of the Internet, or the possibility of interception or disruption of data sent between the client and GuitarFX can not be held in any way liable.

3. Prices

1. All prices are in Euros (€), including VAT and excluding shipping and legal contributions, unless otherwise stated.
2. GuitarFX reserves the right to alter prices and terms as long as no agreement has been reached.
3. Discounts are supposed to be singular. Previously granted discounts do not bind GuitarFX in any way to a later agreement.
4. No rights can be derived from prices that are not mentioned in a quote or agreement.

4. Payment

1. Payment is made by bank transfer, credit card or online banking (such as IDEAL, Bancontact or PayPal).
2. Orders will only be processed once the payment has been received.
3. The customer must pay the total invoice amount within 14 days after the invoice date.
4. GuitarFX reserves the right to cancel orders when the customer fails to pay within the specified period.
5. GuitarFX reserves the right to start a collection process and charge the customer with the additional fees if the obligation to pay has not been met (e.g. fraudulent credit card) and the order has already been processed.

5. Delivery

1. Delivery takes place with PostNL unless otherwise stated.
2. If the delivery is incomplete, damaged or incorrect, the customer must notify GuitarFX in writing within 14 days of receipt. Failing this, GuitarFX retains the right to no longer handle complaints and it is assumed that the customer has approved the delivery.
3. The customer is obliged to check the delivered products before taking them into use.

6. Delivery dates

1. Delivery terms are approximate and not binding on GuitarFX.
2. Exceeding the delivery period does not mean that GuitarFX can be held liable in any way whatsoever.
3. Delivery term commences after receipt of the payment.
4. If the delivery period is exceeded by more than 30 days, the customer is entitled to cancel the order.
5. The longest delivery time of a product in a delivery determines the delivery period of the delivery.

7. Retention

1. Products remain the property of GuitarFX until fulfillment of all (payment) obligations.

8. Purchase

1. Products offered must correspond to the specified condition and any defects must be indicated in advance.
2. GuitarFX reserves the right to pay an adjusted amount in case of incorrect product descriptions than previously agreed. If the selling party does not agree, the products will be returned to the sender and the shipping costs will be charged to this party.
3. Shipping to GuitarFX is at the risk of the selling party. GuitarFX is in no way liable for any loss or damage of the offered products.

9. Return

1. The customer has the right to return products within 14 working days after receipt.
2. A return shipment must be reported in advance to GuitarFX.
3. Products may be removed from the packaging, but must be returned unused and complete.
4. In case of return shipment, the products are returned for the costs and risk of the customer.
5. In receipt of return shipments does not mean that GuitarFX accepts the return.
6. A return shipment must be carefully and properly packaged for transport.
7. In the event of a return, the original amount of the relevant product as stated on the invoice will be credited, unless the product does not meet the return conditions.
8. The costs for return shipment are for the customer.

10. Warranty

1. GuitarFX guarantees the quality of products up to three months after delivery.
2. The customer must report the defect in writing before invoking the guarantee.
3. The customer bears the costs and the risk of returning the product.
4. A copy of the invoice serves as a guarantee certificate.
5. This warranty does not apply if:

  • a. The product is not adequately protected against transport damage during return.
  • b. Changes to the product have been made by the customer.
  • c. Defects arising from incorrect or improper use, such as failure to observe the instructions for use, to be assessed by GuitarFX.
  • d. The defect is caused by intent or gross negligence, to be assessed by GuitarFX.
  • e. The defect is caused by lightning, power outages, natural disasters, etc.

6. The following are excluded from warranty:

  • a. Scratchy potentiometers
  • b. Faulty switches

11. Liability

1. GuitarFX is not liable for (technical) advice provided by it, printing and typographical errors in catalogs, technical data provided by suppliers or manufacturers and unforeseeable and reasonably uncontrollable poor quality of the products.
2. For the remainder, the liability of GuitarFX is at all times limited to the amount of the invoice amount.

Version 1.2; Date: 12th May 2020, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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