Valeton MES-3 Dapper Dark Mini - Mini High Gain Effect Strip

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De Valeton MES-3 Dapper Dark Mini bevat alle cruciale distortions en gitaareffecten voor de echte hardrock- en metalgitarist.

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Valeton MES-3 Dapper Dark Mini - Mini High Gain Effect Strip

Valeton MES-3 Dapper Dark Mini - Mini High Gain Effect Strip

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De Valeton Dapper Dark Mini is de kwaadaardige High-Gain-broer binnen de Dapper Effect-stripreeks. Uitgerust met een tuner, chromatische nootdetector, Delay, High Gain en Boost-mogelijkheden, biedt het alle essentiële functies voor de metal- of hardrockgitarist in één stevige behuizing.

Bevat de volgende effecten:


Use the one-knob BOOST to kick your sound up to the next level.

You get up to +12dB of gain with some extra highs and digging-in lows.


BOOST: Controls the boost amount


HIGAIN is heart of this little monster. Featuring definitive lows, edgy

highs, massive gain and sweet definition, the hi gain distortion module

is deliberately brutal. A 3-band EQ makes it flexible, and a built-in noise

gate keeps hum away.


NR: Controls the noise reduction threshold

VOL: Controls the output volume

BASS/MID/TREBLE: Controls the low/mid/high EQ parameters

GAIN: Controls the amount of gain


Use the analog-voiced DELAY module to beef up your riffs and solos with

warm, clear repeats.

Hold the footswitch to enable Tap Tempo function. Tap to the rhythm

of the song you’re playing, and the TAP/PHONES LED will pulse to

indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to return to

knob-controlled tempo mode.

The max delay time is 1000ms.


LEVEL: Controls the effect level

REGEN: Controls the delay feedback (repeats)

TIME: Controls the delay time