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AMT Electronics WH-1 Japanese Girl JFET Wah

AMT Electronics WH-1 Japanese Girl JFET Wah

AMT Electronics
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The Japanese Girl Wah is an optical version of the classic "WAH-WAH" effect, but with many added improvements. Optical control increases the durability of the pedal by eliminating the frequent strain and wear on the control potentiometer. The optical sensor also provides for a smoother transition in frequency changes, and eliminates the dreaded "scratchy" potentiometer sound.

On the left side of the pedal is a 3-way toggle switch, offering three different Wah frequency sweeps that the user can choose from. Each setting will change the vocal range of the Wah, it's like having three different Wah pedals in one!

It has a small and compact size, so no more losing valuable pedalboard space.

The Japenese Girl wants to be your next Wah pedal.

    Switchable bandpass sweeps for 3 Wah styles in one pedal: 0.2-1 kH,  0.3-1.5 kH,   0.4-2 kH
    True bypass
    Removable rubber support feet (useful when you install the AMT WH-1 on the pedal board with Velcro)
    On/Off LEDs on BOTH sides of pedal for easy visibility from any angle
    Adjustable pedal movement by means of an axial screw



This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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