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Boss VF-1 Multi-Effect (s/n ZM96043, Made in Japan)

Boss VF-1 Multi-Effect (s/n ZM96043, Made in Japan)

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Boss VF-1 Multi-Effect (s/n ZM96043, Made in Japan)

Incl adapter

The VF-1 24-Bit Multiple Effects Processor is BOSS' most powerful effects unit in history, offering reverb, delay, chorus, guitar and COSM-based effects derived from Roland's breakthrough VG-8 V-Guitar System, V-Studio workstations, DJ/Groove gear, and legendary BOSS effects gear.

BOSS' best multi-effects processor in history
    24-bit A/D and D/A conversion w/ 30-bit internal processing
    Powerful COSM-based Guitar Amp and Microphone Modeling
    400 effects patches for applications ranging from guitar to digital recording to DJ/remixer setups
    Category Search function for quick recall of patches via effects categories
    Dedicated Hi-Z Guitar input and chromatic guitar/bass tuner
    Coaxial Digital output for all-digital recording/mixing environment
    Stereo input/output capability for serial or parallel effects processing (+4/-10dB)
    Footswitch, expression pedal and MIDI control capability
    Optional RAD-50 Rackmount Adaptor

A High-Quality, Musical Effects Processor
Many manufacturers can build boxes full of effects. But creating a compact and affordable multi-effects processor that's truly musical is a different story. The BOSS VF-1 draws upon the massive effects know-how of BOSS, Roland and COSM engineering to deliver great-sounding, supremely useful stereo effects for a wide range of professional and semi-professional applications. It starts with true 24-bit converters and 30-bit internal processing, then gives you 400 effects Patches ranging from guitar and bass multi-effects to COSM-based Guitar Amp Modeling, keyboard multi-effects, high-quality vocal effects, DJ/groove-oriented effects, extensive reverb, delay, and chorus processing derived from the acclaimed V-Studios, and even COSM-based Mic Modeling.

Perfect for a Variety of Applications
The VF-1's wide range of high-quality effects makes it perfect for project and home studios, keyboard rigs, guitar rigs, live sound, DJ/remix applications and more. Connectivity includes a high-impedance Guitar input jack on the front panel, and stereo inputs and outputs (switchable between +4/-10dB) on the rear panel. It also includes a coaxial Digital output for all-digital connection to recording and mixing products like the V-Studios and V-Mixers. A Category Search function and icon-based display permits quick navigation in the studio, while optional footswitch and expression pedal connection makes the VF-1 well suited to live performance.

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