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IK Multimedia Amplitude Tone X Pedal Modeler

IK Multimedia Amplitude Tone X Pedal Modeler

IK Multimedia
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In box with power adapter and usb cable

AI Machine Modeled tones live on stage

    AI Machine Modeling pedal brings your TONEX Tone Models live on stage
    Perform with sounds indistinguishable from the real gear, no computer required
    Play through hundreds of amps, cabs, pedals and full rigs, including 1100 downloadable premium Tone Models and unlimited user downloads
    Doubles as a high-quality USB audio interface
    Ultra-low noise 24-bit, 192 kHz converters, 5 Hz–24 kHz frequency response and 123 dB dynamic range offers incredible sound quality

    Exclusive VIR™ multi-IR cabinets and custom IR Loader, Noise gate, EQ, compressor and 5 stereo reverbs for powerful on-stage tone shaping
    Full MIDI control and expression pedal input integrate into any rig
    Includes TONEX MAX software all-in-one player, modeler and librarian and AmpliTube 5 software
    New Chromatic tuner with selectable reference frequency and three operating modes


High-end design for pristine tone

With 24-bit, 192 kHz processing, massively wide 5 Hz–24 kHz response, and 123 dB of dynamic range, TONEX Pedal ensures your instrument’s tone is as good as you’ve ever heard it even before it hits TONEX’s incredible modeling.
A complete stage rig in one pedal

TONEX’s groundbreaking technology lets you model everything from a single pedal to a full-pedal, amp-and-cab rig. TONEX Pedal goes even further, giving you the tools you need to shape your sound live on stage.

    AMP / RIG: load up to 150 Tone Model presets to use any time. You can load any combination of pedal, amp and whole-rig models.
    VIR CABINET: use IK’s award-winning multiple impulse response VIR™ cabinet and mic simulation to dial in the perfect cab tone for any situation.

    IR LOADER: load any custom IR you like to explore combinations of Tone Models and your own impulse responses.
    EFFECTS/UTILITY: TONEX Pedal includes a chromatic tuner, noise gate, parametric EQ, compressor, and 5 stereo reverbs derived from the AmpliTube X-SPACE pedal.

It’s all the tone-shaping options you need in a single pedal. And you can save up to 150 presets, organized within 50 banks of 3 preset slots each, giving you endless tones from a single portable rig.
Tour-ready design and features

Designed and crafted in Italy, TONEX Pedal features a compact chassis made from anodized aluminum that can withstand years of tour abuse.

With full MIDI in/out, you can connect high-end FX pedals like our X-GEAR line for a complete programable pedalboard or easily add TONEX Pedal to your touring rack, and use its expression pedal input to add real-time control over any parameter.

This product is 9 volt DC.
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