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JEN Crybaby Super Wah (Vintage, Made in Italy)

JEN Crybaby Super Wah (Vintage, Made in Italy)

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In box with pouch and original footswitch/rubber feet. Modded to be true bypass and LED installed on the side to indicate its status.

The iconic Cry Baby wah-wah effect was a familiar sight on the pedalboards of many artists in the 1970s and 1980s. The original Cry Baby was made by US company Thomas Organ in the 1960s, then Italian company Jen came around the corner and eventually it is now mostly known as a Jim Dunlop product. The brand confusion stems from the fact that neither Thomas Organ nor Jen trademarked the name, so any manufacturer could use the name at the time. Jen produced the Cry Baby under their own name during the 1970s. As with many vintage pedals, some people point to a single component that they believe is responsible for the distinctive sound of a specific effect. The Jen-era Cry Baby is no different, with the mythology centring on the Fasel coil used on the simple circuit board. However, how unique this component actually makes the pedal sound is not entirely clear or objectively proven. The addition 'Super' simply indicates that the pedal has an external power input.

This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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