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Krozz Devices Krakenheart Univibe (s/n KH012)

Krozz Devices Krakenheart Univibe (s/n KH012)

Krozz Devices
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The Krakenheart is more than a vibe pedal: it's the conductor of an abyssal symphony that imprisons the spirit of the legendary creature in a fully analog circuit, emanating the pulse of its ancestral energy with every note played. 

With timeless tentacles traversing past, present and future, Krakenheart allows the musician to evoke both classic and modern sounds, unveiling the psychedelic depth of the soul and guiding them through a sea of musical possibilities.


• Level: Controls the overall volume of the pedal. As well as preventing any loss of volume, you can also go above the "unit gain", allowing you to boost your signal!

• Pulse: Determines the speed of the effect. Clockwise the oscillation will be faster.

• Depth: Selects the wave amplitude. The higher the knob, greater the amplitude and more powerful the effect. From noon to max, the wave tends to a square pulse, while at lower settings the wave will be more sine and the effect subtler.

• Shadow: Changes the center point of the oscillation (BIAS adjustment). Counterclockwise, the sound stands out in the higher frequencies. In the center, the frequencies are more balanced. Clockwise, the bass is emphasized. With the "Depth" control from noon to max, it also changes the symmetry of the wave - more symmetrical in the center and asymmetrical at the ends.

• Spectrum: Changes the voice of the pedal. Counterclockwise the sound has more emphasis on the mids, while clockwise the sound has a fuller frequency range, more reminiscent of classic vibes.

• Dry/Wet (switch): Selects between "Vibe" (up) or "Vibrato" (down).

• Ramp: Externally accessible side trimpot that controls the acceleration/deceleration ramp in when changing speed, both when using the "Hold" footswitch and when using an expression pedal (also applies to the “Pulse” knob itself). In the counterclockwise direction, the change in the speed will be almost instantaneous, while clockwise acceleration is slower. This control alludes to the organic sensation you get when changing the speed of a rotary peaker.

• Low: Inside the pedal there is a trimpot that allows you to adjust the the low end of its pulse.


• Bypass: On/Off;

• Hold: Momentary switch that takes the effect to its maximum speed while it is being held, increasing the user's expressiveness. Interacts with the "Ramp" trimpot;

• EXP: Allows you to connect an expression pedal (10kΩ recommended) to control the speed of the effect via a P10 input. Interacts with the "Ramp" trimpot;

This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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