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Mythos Argo Octave Fuzz

Mythos Argo Octave Fuzz

Mythos Pedals
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Not your normal Octave Fuzz
The Argo is inspired by the now legendary "COB" fuzz box and pushes it into a slightly more aggressive direction. This Octave Up Fuzz has a very familiar tone to all the classic records we know and love but has one feature those vintage units never had, a blend control. The Blend knob on the Argo makes it so incredibly versatile and paves the way for more interesting tones.

The Argo is great as a stand alone fuzz box but if you utilize the blend feature you can combine it with other gain pedals to achieve sounds not normally found in a solitary unit. All while having a large amount of output on tap to push any amp where you want it.

Souped up
The Argo utilizing higher gain transistors than the pedals that inspired it. That gives you a very angry fuzz sound when you need it but also opens up the flexibility of the unit. The Fuzz control only adjust the amount of fuzz, the Octave sound is omnipresent. You can use this to your advantage to get standalone octave up sounds. Like other traditional pedals of this type the octave is the most noticeable above the 9th fret with a neck pickup.

Like all other Mythos Pedals we use high quality panel mount In, Out and DC jacks so pedal will be reliable on the road for years to come.

This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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