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Palmer The Junction Passive Guitar DI Box

Palmer The Junction Passive Guitar DI Box

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Anyone looking at speaker simulation ought to know that it is a topic of never-ending debate. The various factors involved with miking up guitar loudspeakers are not only plentiful but also very different. For example, the end result depends greatly upon the type of speaker used. Even with that, there are a dazzling array of options. One persons swears by traditional Greenbacks, someone else will only use Hanf speakers or old Blue Bulldogs, who always go for Vox AC 30 which are for many the last word in speakers. The next part in the chain is the microphone. Should it be an SM 57 or an MD 421, or even a Royer ribbon microphone? And we mustn’t forget the question of how far in front of the favorite loudspeaker the microphone should be placed, and in which position.

With “The Junction”, Palmer presents a small DI box that additionally offers speaker simulation. Passive filter circuits “bend” the frequency response of the final-phase signal pretty much in the way a guitar loudspeaker does. We also need to know that these differ hugely from hi-fi loudspeakers. They only return a small part of the frequency spectrum and thus play a key role in how the sound is formed. Transferring mids in particular works well from guitar loudspeakers, but frequencies below 60 Hertz and above 4 kHz are greatly curtailed. This is the only way of making distorted sounds at all bearable because if you connect a distorting Marshall amp to a full-range speaker the sound more closely resembles the screaming noise made by a circular saw than the riffs in “Still Got the Blues“.

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