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T-Rex Dual Drive 2-Channel Distortion

T-Rex Dual Drive 2-Channel Distortion

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T-Rex Dual Drive 2-Channel Distortion

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Most guitarists know how complicated it can be to switch between clean, crunchy and distorted sounds on stage. If you set your amp to a crunchy sound and use a distortion pedal for solos, you don’t have a clean option. If you run you amp clean and use a distortion pedal for solos, the only way to back down from full distortion is to lower the volume on your guitar – and lose most of your tone.

The T-Rex Dual Drive solves this problem by giving you two separate channels of vintage T-Rex gain. Two channels means you can easily switch between a clean sound from your amp, a nice edgy overdrive from Channel A on your Dual Drive and a thick warm distortion from Dual Drive’s Channel B. It’s like having two pedals in one – and it gives you total control over your sound.

With the T-Rex Dual Drive, total control runs deep. Of course you can set the amount of gain for each channel (the gain level for Channel B picks up where Channel A leaves off), but you also get pair of individually tuned tone controls – one for each channel – so you shape the timbre of your overdrive and your distortion to create your own signature sound.

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