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T-Rex Tonebug Phaser

T-Rex Tonebug Phaser

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T-Rex Tonebug Phaser

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Where overdrive and distortion pedals give you that great dirty edge, and reverb and delay pedals create space and time effects, a phase shifter adds a dynamic undulating dimension to your sound. Phasers have been around since the late 60s and are instantly recognisable as a signature part of many great guitarists' sound, including Brian May and Eddie Van Halen.

The T-Rex Phaser gives you everything you need for a gorgeous phased sound using just two simple controls: RATE and DEPTH. And it sounds great no matter which settings you dial in: from a deep, slow rotation to a light, watery shimmer.

Phaser comes with two modes: Modern and Vintage. Choose Modern for a crisp, thick-sounding phase, and Vintage for that classic analogue vibe.

Phaser is part of the T-Rex Tonebug series, a growing line of pedals that combines the classic T-Rex tone found in our high-end pedals with intuitive, uncomplicated controls; all at a price that any guitarist can afford.

Try the T-Rex Phaser today, and you'll find yourself entering a whole new phase in your musical life.

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