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Zoom RFX-300 Digital Reverb and Multi-Effects (s/n 007941, Made in Japan)

Zoom RFX-300 Digital Reverb and Multi-Effects (s/n 007941, Made in Japan)

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Rare, with box and adapter (EU 230V)

- 22 essential time and modulation effects for recording including: Hall; Room; Plate; Ambience; Delay, Pitch, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Comp/Limiter, Microphone Simulator; Rotary; Cabinet Simulator; Compression + De-Tune, Compression + Delay, Chorus + Reverb, Flanger + Reverb, Delay + Reverb, Power Mix, Wide Mix, Boost Mix, Vocal Mix
- 44.1 kHz sampling frequency plus18/24-bit quantization
- Key recording features such as insert, send/return, mixdown, etc.
- Four newly developed mixdown effects for professional mastering quality.
- Standard phone plugs and RCA-type plugs for inputs and outputs.
- Gain switch for connection of microphones and optimal performance with a multi-track recorder.
- Easy-access rotary effect selector and parameter controls.
- Instant fine-tuning for optimum sound quality by simply tapping a key. This allows the real-time setting to match the delay time or modulation rate with the tempo of a song.
- Built-in microphone simulator effect that lets the user achieve condenser mic characteristics using dynamic mics. The available variations are "Vocal" with full, well-rounded midrange sound and "Instrument" with the accurate, detailed sound of a condenser microphone.
- Dual power supply design for batteries as well as the supplied AC adapter. You can use this unit as a portable vocal effect device or as a mic preamp for recording.

This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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