About us

The story of GuitarFX

GuitarFX aims to provide everyone the opportunity to reliably and easily find their own sound. We (Stefan, Bram, and Pepijn) work daily to make this vision a reality. After all, changing a guitar pedal happens all too often. What works for one person may sound like complete garbage in the hands and ears of another. This depends on playing style and taste, and there is simply no arguing about that. And if you change bands, you may find that one pedal pokes through the mix just a little more nicely than another.

GuitarFX's story begins with a bad deal. Also looking for a different sound, Stefan bought a pedal through a well-known second-hand platform, and upon receipt, it turned out not to work. The seller did not respond and he was essentially left with a paper weight. Fortunately, from his technical background, he was able to repair the pedal.... But, that's not for everyone. Not long after that, there was another hassle with another pedal. This had to change! Putting money where his mouth was, Stefan launched GuitarFX: a webshop offering guaranteed working pedals. With almost 15 years of experience, Stefan has become an expert in designing, building, repairing, maintaining and cleaning pedals. All pedals are cleaned and serviced before they are put on the website. The task of placing pedals online lies with Bram and Pepijn; each pedal is unique and so are the descriptions and product photos. Each pedal is photographed and documented separately. That way you know exactly which effect pedal you are receiving. They also pack all orders carefully, making sure that the pedals safely survive the journey from Nijmegen to the rest of the world. Our packaging material is recycled as much as possible to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainable GuitarFX

We believe in second hand items. After all, why buy something brand new every time? It is bad for the environment, and also for your wallet. The advantage, of course, is that you can be sure that something works and you also get a warranty. And that's exactly where we at GuitarFX come in. We want to reduce the music industry's waste pile, one pedal at a time. That's why we also offer service and repairs for all customers. And we provide warranty on our gear, all of which, by the way, have been cleaned, tested, and where necessary, serviced. That way we're sure you can just rock out without any worries. A pedal is provided with a second chance on your pedalboard, you pay less than new, and you have the assurance of excellent customer and technical service.

This is reflected in our customer reviews. After 10 years, we have received more than 1,000 5-star reviews, averaging 4,99 out of 5, and we are proud of that. We have grown into being a well-known company in the scene, where known and unknown musicians go to obtain technical support or other advice. Questions are always welcome!

An iconic location

GuitarFX is currently located in thé music hub of Nijmegen: de Basis. This is the iconic building better known as 'the old Doornroosje'. Bands such as the Pixies, Joy Division, Doe Maar, Green Day, Beck, dEUS, Radiohead, Editors, Mastodon, MGMT, Mumford & Sons, Charles Bradley and many others have taken the stage here. And the backstage area is also filled with autographs of artists who have performed here. No better place to run our webshop from. Our fellow 'residents' are bands and other music professionals. In short, we are among musicians, GuitarFX is run by musicians, and we are here for musicians.


Visits only possible by appointment!

Groenewoudseweg 322
6525 EL

Visits only possible by appointment!


Administrative info

Chamber of Commerce based in Arnhem 61489263
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