Service and repair of guitar effect pedals

Repair of guitar effect pedalWe know what it's like to be on a stage or studio, and your gear just has to be reliable. That's why we inspect all our guitar effects before they end up in the webshop. We also give them a service where necessary. Think of cleaning the housing, cleaning the internal contacts, checking the potentiometers (dials) and re-soldering dubious solder joints. Because of this we regularly got requests to also provide repairs for (bass)guitarists. From now on we offer this service for your guitar effects or equipment!


It is logical that after years of use, it may be that your guitar effect no longer (quite) works properly. GuitarFX can help you with this too. Please report your guitar effects through the link below, and give a description of the problem. We will contact you as soon as possible. After this the pedal will be shipped (customer costs and risk) or delivered in Nijmegen (by appointment). Once received we will try to get the pedal to the workbench as soon as possible. This of course depends on how busy things are, assume 1 to 2 weeks until first inspection. The purpose of that inspection is to provide a quote, because no one wants to suddenly be presented with an expensive bill.


Costs first inspection

We try to be as transparent as possible in the costs we charge for maintenance or repairs. An initial inspection must always be performed and therefore billed. This amounts to 25 euros (ex VAT). Any obvious small defects will also be addressed here (e.g. loose wires, bad solder joints). This also applies to a maintenance service. After this a price quotation will be mailed with an estimate of the total amount. In response, an agreement, or a rejection may be given.

Agreement to repair

When proceeding to repair, an hourly rate of 50 euros (ex VAT) will apply. This is excluding parts. After completion of the repair the effect pedal will be tested and a three month warranty will be given on the work done. New defects are not covered by this warranty.

Rejection to repair

If the price quote is disappointing and it is deemed that the pedal is not economically viable to repair, a decision may be made to 1) leave the pedal with GuitarFX for its recycling, 2) if residual value, this value will be reasonably reimbursed through a purchasing procedure from GuitarFX, 3) or return the pedal to the customer's mailing address.


After inspection and possible repair, the pedal will be sent back properly packaged via PostNL with tracking code at the customer's expense, amounting to €6.95 within the Netherlands and €9.95 to Belgium. Please contact us for shipping rates to other countries.


Despite all good intentions and efforts, it can always happen that an effect can not be repaired. Annoying, but sometimes there is no other way. We ask for understanding for such situations, and will do our best to come to an appropriate solution.


Link to repair form