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Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Volume and Modulation Control

Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Volume and Modulation Control

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Get louder, get quieter, or get modulated with the outstanding FCV100. This versatile pedal works equally well as a volume or modulation pedal – without tying up your hands or slowing down your performance.

Routing Options Galore
The FCV100 can accommodate two mono or one stereo instrument via its dual ¼” input jacks. By switching into Norm mode, the FCV100 is capable of controlling the volume of two individual instruments. In CV mode, the FCV100 can control modulation and volume levels of other musical instruments by connecting Output 2 to the volume or modulation input of the instrument. When Output 2 is in use while in CV mode, Input/Output 1 can still be used for controlling the volume of another instrument, similar to Norm mode.

A built-in polarity switch also allows you to match the FCV100 to various effects units, keyboards and MIDI controllers.

It’s Easy!
Once you have determined your hookup configuration, simply depress the pedal to increase sound, then rock back on your heel to decrease the sound. By turning the Min Vol control, you can determine the minimum volume you wish to achieve. You can power this pedal with a 12 V DC power adapter or a 9V battery (not included).

This product is 12 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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