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Boss PH-1r Phaser (s/n 320800, Black Label, Made in Japan)

Boss PH-1r Phaser (s/n 320800, Black Label, Made in Japan)

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This was an updated version of the original PH-1. It had an additonal “Resonance” knob (feedback control) to increase the tonal variations. This is a 4 stage phaser like the PH-1 and its biggest competitor at the time, the MXR Phase 90. It can create an wide array of different tones.

The PH-1R has all of the features of the clean, low noise PH-1 plus a Resonance control for added depth of phase. A Rate control provides more sweep speed variance than any other phase shifter now available – from 100msec to 16 seconds – while the Depth control, permits notch depth adjustment, adjusts the phasing intensity and tailors the PH-1R to whatever instrument is being used, resulting in more precise control over virtually any creative application. A deeper-sounding phase effect can be achieved be rerouting the previously phased signal back through the circuit by means of the Resonance control. This control is adjustable over a wide range in order to permit maximum creative control.

Famous users: Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Roberto Burgos, Al Mckay (Earth Wind Fire)

This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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