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DigiTech XP400 Reverberator (vintage, s/n KW47IC-10026)

DigiTech XP400 Reverberator (vintage, s/n KW47IC-10026)

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DigiTech XP400 Reverberator

Without power supply (9V AC)

The Digitech XP 400 Reverberator pedal is one of the first reverb stompboxes with a expression pedal. It was a part of the “XP Series” along with the legendary XP 100 Whammy Wah and the extremely popular XP 300 Space Station.

It’s really simple to use since you can’t change the actual programs. But the programs are excellent! The only and main control you have, is over the wetness of the reverb and you can control it with the expression pedal. It also has an input level control on the back and a built-in tuner.

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