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EBS MultiComp Blue Label Compressor

EBS MultiComp Blue Label Compressor

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The EBS MultiComp is the most popular EBS effects unit ever. Thousands of bassists, guitarists and other musicians around the world use it on their pedalboards. The compressor holds the middle ground between playing dynamically and creating a smooth consistency across the fretboard. It can also simply be used to increase gain and boost the sound.

A compressor can be tricky to set up. Perhaps that's why the super intuitive EBS MultiComp has enjoyed such long success. It's a compressor you can't go wrong with, doesn't require a degree in sound engineering, and yet does exactly what you want it to do. What more could you want?

There is one important addition to the new EBS MultiComp Blue Label. A slider on the front panel to adjust the threshold level, or Sensitivity. The more you turn the slider up, the higher the sensitivity. The advantage of this is that you can adjust the sensitivity to match the output level of your instrument or your playing style. A click in the middle indicates the value of the factory setting of previous versions of the pedal, as a reference for your old MultiComp.

To handle high-end basses with 18V preamps with very high output, the new MultiComp Blue Label can operate continuously at up to 18V DC. This gives the pedal enough headroom to handle even these extreme instruments. The new version has a 12% smaller footprint and is lighter to save space and weight on your pedalboard. The recessed connectors minimize the space required between pedals. The EBS MultiComp Blue Label now replaces the Studio Edition.

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