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EBS OctaBass Blue Label Bass Octaver Octave

EBS OctaBass Blue Label Bass Octaver Octave

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The EBS OctaBass was the first effect unit ever made by EBS. It is known for its fast and accurate tracking and its fat, natural sound. When you play your instrument, it "tracks" the note you play and produces a sound an octave lower to blend with the note you play.  The "Blue Label" model has a few new features that increase tracking range and improve control over the sound.

A new Range switch allows you to move the optimized tracking focus area higher up or lower down the fretboard. Totally appropriate to your playing style and needs. This feature makes the tracking speed and range excellent for an analog octave pedal. Note: Do not confuse this switch with the Range switch on earlier OctaBass pedals, where it changed the character of the tone.

By adding seamless tone control, you can go from a present, focused octave sound that cuts through the mix all the way to a sub-bass background of bass that discreetly supports the note you're playing. The tone control improves the sound palette and also makes it easier to achieve a synthesized bass sound.

Power the Blue Label OctaBass with 9-18V DC. The footprint is reduced by 12% compared to the previous Studio and Black Label editions.

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