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Ibanez TWP10 Twin Peaks Wah Pedal

Ibanez TWP10 Twin Peaks Wah Pedal

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Twin Peaks is a new wah-wah pedal from Ibanez unlike any other before it. Most conventional wah-wah pedals utilize a single peak point to achieve the effect, but Twin Peaks doubles down on this sound by utilizing dual peak points at a higher and lower frequency. This is achieved through the use of dual inductor circuitry. Additionally, the mix of the two frequency peaks can be controlled via a balance knob, inspiring enriched levels of sonic experimentation with this exciting and entirely new pedal from Ibanez.

• Control: Master level, Balance
• Switches: Tone mode (High/Low)
• True Bypass
• I/O's: Input, Output
• Weight: 815g
• Size: 96(W) x 202(D) x 84(H) (mm)
• Required current: 15mA@9V
• Power supply: One 9 volt battery or external DC 9 volt AC adapter


BALANCE control
BALANCE controls the mix ratio of the two peak levels created by the dual inductor circuit resonances. The higher frequency provides a sweepable range similar to that of most traditional wah-wah pedals. The lower frequency is closer to what’s generally found on modified or signature wah-wah pedals. Turning the BALANCE control counter-clockwise emphasizes the higher-frequency peak, while turning it clockwise emphasizes the lower-frequency peak.

TONE mode switch
TONE mode switch selects wah sweeping frequency range, HIGH or LOW.
HIGH: The higher frequency resonance sweeps from 670Hz to 3kHz, which is a higher range than typical wah-wah pedals. Because of this, there’s a chance the tone could be too bright, so it’s recommended to adjust the balance and level controls on the pedal, or the tone control on your guitar to soften some of the higher frequencies. The lower frequency resonance sweeps from 300Hz to 1kHz, which is a slightly lower range than traditional wah-wah pedals.
LOW: The higher frequency resonance sweeps from 440Hz to 2kHz. That range covers what’s generally used on traditional wah-wah pedals. The lower frequency resonance sweeps from 220Hz to 750Hz.

Master LEVEL control
Master LEVEL controls overall output signal level. It gives a unity gain at 12 o’clock and a +6dB boost all the way up.
This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a new product.
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