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Ibanez WH10 V3 Wah Wah Pedal

Ibanez WH10 V3 Wah Wah Pedal

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WH10 series has remained a highly popular wah pedal through the years due to its many unique features. The guitar/bass range switch enables switching between two preset frequency ranges best suited for each instrument. This is also the first wah pedal to utilize a multiple feedback opamp circuit, creating a much different tonal quality versus more common inductor based wahs. There is also a volume boost for additional flexibility. The WH10V3 features selectable true or buffered bypass, and circuitry is housed in a highly-durable, die-cast Aluminum alloy body with a distinctive black finish.

•Controls: Depth
•Switches: Effect ON/OFF, Frequency range(Guitar/Bass), Buffered/True Bypass
•I/O's: Input, Output Input is on the right side. Output is on the left side.
•Size: 100(W) x 202(D) x 84(H)(mm)
•Weight: 815g
•Required Current: 12mA@9V
•Power supply: One 9 volt battery or External DC 9 volt AC adapter

The Ibanez WH10V3 Wah Pedal is a modern incarnation of the legendary WH10 wah pedal, which has been an iconic tool for guitarists for decades. Known for its distinctive sound and expressive capabilities, this pedal offers players a wide range of wah tones to enhance their musical performances.

The WH10V3 features a robust and durable construction, designed to withstand the rigors of the road. It has a sleek and compact design, making it easy to fit on any pedalboard without sacrificing valuable space. The pedal is equipped with a rugged footswitch for engaging and disengaging the effect, as well as a comfortable and responsive foot controller for controlling the wah effect.

When it comes to sound, the WH10V3 delivers a rich and expressive wah tone that can be customized to suit a guitarist's preferences. The pedal offers a broad frequency range, allowing players to shape their sound from deep and throaty to bright and piercing. The wah effect is highly responsive, providing players with dynamic control over their tone, from subtle sweeps to aggressive and powerful wails.

Overall, the Ibanez WH10V3 Wah Pedal continues the legacy of its predecessors by providing guitarists with a versatile and expressive tool for shaping their sound. Its distinctive tone and esteemed user base make it a sought-after pedal for players looking to add that iconic wah effect to their arsenal.

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