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Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem

Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem

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Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem

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Of all the retro effects to hit the shops in the recent years, perhaps the most authentic and coolest is tremolo. Instantly calling up the spirit of the 60's, tremolo was the first effect to appear on a Marshall amp in the early 1960's. Marshall have now updated the tremolo effect in the form of the Vibratrem.

By using split phase modulation, a truly awesome stereo sound field can be created by connecting the VT-1 Vibratrem up to two amplifiers. The Vibratrem features a passive bypass for the main signal path to ensure complete tonal integrity and has a quality of tone matched only by its versatility.


    Solid metal casing
    Passive bypass
    Second output for stereo spread


    Vibrato / Tremolo mode switch
    Speed control
    Depth control
    Wave shape control

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