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Palmer Custom FX Solarist Green Fuzz

Palmer Custom FX Solarist Green Fuzz

Palmer Custom FX
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From their website:

The Swiss Army Fuzz, simplified.

This is a simplified "JUST THE FUZZ" version of "The Solarist V2". A lot of people loved the original Solarist but some people said it’s too complicated. And a couple people wanted a “just the fuzz” version. So I thought, why not simplify it and make it a lower price point? I didn’t want to cheapen any parts, so this one still has the same high-end stuff in it like WIMA caps, Lumberg Jacks, Taiway switches and Alpha pots - and it has four NOS transistors instead of six, two footswitches instead of three. But the MAIN reason it’s less is because it’s quicker and easier for me to make (I wasn't very kind to myself with the first one).

You still get all the versatility: One Germanium/Silicon switch (toggles Q1 transistor) gives you the option of the smoother germanium or the biting silicon sounds. I couldn’t resist still adding the rangemaster circuit in there for the “Fuzz plus Boost” sound - one of my favorite sounds. So the boost is activated via a toggle switch - making this a “Fuzz only” pedal - but a far more versatile one than most.

Why the MODE A/B Footswitch? The A/B footswitch brings versatility to a new level. It toggles between 2 sets of “Input” and “Bias” knobs, so you can create 2 sounds which are wildly different, and toggle between them.

Center Toggle Switch Selects Germanium or Silicon Transistors: I have 2 versions of this pedal available: The NPN Version is the standard version with the aggressive but never harsh NTE123 Silicon Transistors (my personal favorite), or switch to the huge sounding Germanium GT404b (BART) for the fuzz. The boost is a Germanium 2N1308 transistor.

The Input knobs (also called “cleanup” or “trimmer”) mimic the effect of turning down your guitars volume knob - ie. the Fuzz Face cleans up when turned down).

The Bias knobs change the character and texture of the fuzz. With so many possibilities: glassy cleans, gritty overdrives, huge fuzz sounds, glitchy gated sounds…and on and on…you’ll be glad you don’t only have to choose one.

Bass/EQ controls: The bass knob is an input capacitor blend, a versatile EQ control.

The Pickup Simulator allows you to place this pedal anywhere in your signal chain without affecting the sound.

Quality components: Hammond Enclosure, soft click footswitches, Lumberg jacks, WIMA caps and NOS transistors.

This is a one of a kind fuzz I built by hand…the result of years of tinkering and delving too deeply into Fuzz Face lore.

This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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