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VHT Redline AV-RL-V4 V-Four Overdrive / Distortion

VHT Redline AV-RL-V4 V-Four Overdrive / Distortion

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VHT Redline AV-RL-V4 V-Four Overdrive / Distortion

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We've extracted the Drive channel from our best-selling RedLine amplifiers and put it in pedal form.

The V-Four’s four modes provide a full complement of tones and textures: Overdrive, Distortion, Metal, and the extremely high-gain and djent-ready Redline mode. Each mode is exceptionally responsive to picking dynamics and volume control changes.

The V-Four also features Low, Mid, and High tone controls, plus controls for Gain and Level. The V-Four has a true-bypass Engage footswitch, and players can use the Select footswitch to scroll through each of the four modes. It’s  powered by a 9-volt battery or external 9-volt power supply.

In response to many requests, we extracted the four drive modes from our popular RedLine series amplifiers and designed them into a compact four-mode drive pedal.

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