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Yamaha GW33 Guitar Multi-Effect

Yamaha GW33 Guitar Multi-Effect

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With adapter and manual.

Never before has so much signal processing power and versatility been available in such a compact- and inexpensive- package.

Twin Analog/Digital Overdrive and Distortion Effects:
The Distortion block has two independent distortion circuits that can be used simultaneously- allowing you to combine the warmth of analog distortion and overdrive with the bite of digital.

Integrated Insert Loop for External Effects:
If you have other effects you like to use, bring them along- the GW33 has room for them, too! With the Insert loop, you can integrate an external effect device of your choice into the effect chain of the GW33.

Independent Dual Modulation:
Besides Chorus, Flanger and Phaser, you also get Pitch Shift, Detune, Aural Exciter Touch Wah and Pedal Wah.

High-Quality Effect Programs and Easy, Seamless Switching:
The GW33 gives you a wealth of sound processing power- 50 different effect programs, ranging from subtle to stunning. The programs have been created by top guitar professionals. The GW33 even has a function that lets you smoothly switch between programs with similar Reverb or Delay settings. This ensures that the Reverb or Delay sound doesn't abruptly cut off, giving you a more natural sound when changing programs.

Built-in Tuner and Metronome:
The GW33 also features a built-in Tuner that allows you to quickly, accurately- and silently- tune your guitar without having to disconnect it. And for when you're practicing on your own, the Metronome function outputs a steady click at whatever tempo or time signature you choose.


This product is 9 volt DC.
This is a used product.
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